Choosing a DSLR Camera Accessories

Getting the maximum image with the camera's favorite is probably something that is expected by each photographer. Then how to get the maximum image? Is it enough with the technology and skills to use the camera only? Of course not, there are many other ways you can do to be able to produce maximum image, even with entry level camera, which is by way of a good selection of camera accessories and correct as supporting.

There are several camera accessories that are commonly used by photographers, both professional and beginners. There are cheap to very expensive value, and some are just for style but some are very helpful, what are they?

Creating a Simple Camera Drybox

This time we will discuss how to create a storage device that must be owned by each photographer. storage device is called a drybox. Drybox has a tolerance of about 45-55% moisture to protect the camera from the parasitic fungus that can be your camera and lens. Then how to make a simple drybox with a bit of money but the quality is equivalent to the drybox expensive?

Equipment and supplies that can be found in the store equipment and home appliances and must be prepared include:
- Airtight Container
- 2-3 cm thick foam
- Hygrometer
- Silica Gell or granules absorb water

Caring For Your Camera

Most DSLR camera users, especially beginners do not much know how to care for and maintain good health and the right camera. Caring for the camera is important because the money that you spend no value if not accompanied with the maximum care. Then how the hell do I care for and maintain a good and true?

Once you get a DSLR camera is desirable, it needs to be quick to think how to save and care for the procedure properly.

Choosing Your Camera

Lately, many people who suddenly fall in love with the kind of DSLR cameras. I wonder what the motive behind the phenomena and background in, but enough to make the camera business from small-scale to large scale to reap significant profits. Starting from the seller until the camera accessories photography accessories art flow.

But what exactly do you need before deciding to buy a DSLR camera?

Goodbye My Canon 1100D

The end of last February to the last day of my adventure with canon 1100d, my first DSLR camera. The camera that I bought with the hard-working father on a multinational retail company leading supermarket grade. Actually very hard to let go, because of the camera is my first experience of studying photography at the beginner stage, or more often known as entry-level class.

Many experiences that I have from my first camera. Start learning about the high value of the light in a deepening of the art of photography to the most comprehensive on the techniques I learned self-taught without a teacher or chaperone. But that's not a problem for me because the experience is the best teacher.

At first I also intend to keep the camera as a memory of my first experience of photography, with plans to buy some extra lens that maximizes performance.